Monday, August 19, 2013

Nap Time Project: Animal Action Dice

Part of our survival  pack of traveling with a toddler for too long in the car. I found part of the idea here, but have expanded out to meet our own needs and Pete's abilities.  I wanted something to get him moving while at rest stops while driving, but something that would hold up better than the painted cardboard box in the car.  Well they had some big dice at Dollar Tree in the gag/toy section.  I've been eyeing them for awhile because I knew there had to be something I could make/do with them. 

Action Dice Tutorial
Jumbo foam dice from Dollar Tree
Acrylic paints/spray paint
Metallic Sharpie to write over dark color

Paint the dice the desired color.  I used acrylic paints because the weather wasn't working out for spray paint to cold, windy and wet to spray them.  Two coats of the acrylic worked wonderfully to cover both the base color and the dots on the original dice.

Allow to dry thoroughly. 

Write on your action words with the marker.  I used:
jump like a kangaroo
stomp like an elephant
swim like a fish
wiggle like a crocodile
fly like a bird
kick like a donkey

I'm excited to try them out.  We've read some books with these actions and they are all doable for him, which is what I needed.  I'm also considering making a set of animal noise dice to go along with them, but with other animals.  I'll use:
moo like a cow,
cluck like a chicken,
oink like a pig,
quack like a duck,
neigh like a horse,
baa like a sheep.

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