Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Bike Ride

Everybody loaded up!
When I say family, I mean the whole kit and caboodle!  I'd forgotten Dex's food bowl at my mom's house today from spending some time over there and we needed to retrieve it for this evening.  We thought it would be wise to take advantage of the amazing weather today and bike over and get it.  There is a way zigzagging through all the neighborhoods that we can get there with only being on a major road for about 100 yards.  It works out well really.  We have the bike trailer for Pete that can hold up to 110 lbs, though I'm not sure either of us would be capable of pulling that much really.  But it does work out well with a dachshund traveling along with a toddler, until that is when the toddler gets tired of sharing, and makes the dog go to the back of the trailer.

The boys on the road!

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