Friday, August 2, 2013

Another Weekend of Visitors!

This weekend Phil's family came to visit us.  They weren't able to come up until Saturday evening because of work schedules and stayed until Tuesday after dinner.  Sunday they joined us for church and a wonderful potluck for dinner.  I made this bread, which was gone in just a couple of minutes.

On Monday, I made pancakes for breakfast and the Calls went up to take Sarah through a tour of IPFW and Phil headed off to a tech conference at the high school; and I ended up staying at home with Pete and Dex (story of my life!).  Once Phil finished up at the conference we met up at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  They had a big event that day and we ended up with free lunch and a ride.  Pete had a great time enjoying the zoo and Sky Popo!   
Pete in the safari jeep

Pete and Mom showing off his filthy face in Australia

Pete giggling about the goat licking his hand for the food!
Tuesday Phil had to attend a conference/workshop and also present at it and his parents tagged along to see him.  I was planning on hanging out with Sarah and Pete, but mom said she could take him for me! So I was able to spend the afternoon with Sarah shopping and eating ice cream, without Pete!  Phil started working on the shower faucet, which we've been turning on with a wrench for the last year.  Classy, I know.  We had a nice barbeque with my parents and Phil's family and said goodbye shortly there after.

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