Friday, August 23, 2013

BIG Hole

I picked up a long handled plastic for Pete last week off the clearance in hopes of deterring him from Phil's real ones hanging up in the garage.  I just tend to have a little problem with it.  Pete seems to think it a little strange.  Well today it was nice out this morning and I was dying to just to absolutely nothing and let Pete have a jolly good time since both of us have had a hard week after canning peaches.  So today was our real rest day after all of that. Pete went ahead and tried out his new yard tool set in my front flower bed, such a thoughtful young man...I thought it was pretty funny really.  He really only scraped off the mulch and got off a bit of dirt before moving onto something else, but he thought he was doing a big job.  Dex hung out with us too. 

Here are the end results this afternoon.  Poor little boy wore himself out...though it wasn't just from the digging he ended up trying to help us catch a dog and was going crazy running around for it.  No worries we knew the dog, not some random stray; Pete had accidentally let it out of the house, so we had to help get her back!

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