Monday, January 18, 2010


We survived the first week of classes. Personally that is quite a feat, I have seven classes this semester with a total of 18 credit hours. I have Geography of the US, Family Wellness,Speech disorders, Sign Language, Yoga, Psychology, Vocabulary development. It isn't too bad, just a lot of stuff to take in, most of the classes I am taking for the fun of it just to fill in the credit hours that I need. I signed up for the Vocab class to work on my scrabble and bananagrams, skills who does that really? Also I checked out my dapr (the thing that tells you what to do to graduate) and I only have 2 required classes and a total of 17 credit hours to finish! Phil's schedule is awful, the exact opposite of all of my classes, really I don't think that it could have been any more different than it is this semester. It is great that there is a three day weekend after the first week of classes so that we have a chance to breathe before diving in without a break until spring break. We have been super busy these last few days. Friday we stayed home and watched a movie that we got for Christmas, we thought about going out but I was dead tired and just wanted to curl up and do nothing! Saturday we had a wedding reception to go to, it was good they had yummy cupcakes. After going there in the afternoon we also went to Late Nite on Campus, this semester it is back in the student center and is so much better than having it over at the gym. We went on a carriage ride, painted piggy banks, won stuffed animals, did a scavenger hunt for goldfish (crackers) and swedish fish (yuck, but Phil likes them) and we worked a Free the Slaves booth at the activities fair. It was a really good date night. Oh and did I mention that in the morning we signed a lease for a new apartment! It is right across the hall from some friends from church (The Shracks)We are going to be moving earlier than we had originally planned and it will be in the middle of the semester so we are starting to pack up stuff we don't use all the time so we do a good job of it now and not have to sort through piles of boxes later on. We are super excited about moving and being near friends and being able to rearrange things the way I want, oh and mostly about being able to put nails in the walls where ever I want to!


JACKIE said...

So when are you graduating? Next December?
Love you

Kristie said...

Make sure you let us know when you move! Phil was such a great help to us!