Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pete's 3!

Pete's Birthday Party
Pete had a nice little party this year.  Alas not everyone was able to make it up, but I think Pete was still happy having grandparents and some friends to dote on him during his big day!  I made a Curious George cake (though my frosting gun broke and didn't make for the best looking cake, but Pete said it was cute, so that is all that matters).  We had hot dogs and lots of sides and homemade ice cream.  Pete got to open lots of presents and got 2 new tractors, the Curious George movie and stuffed animal and books and a toy drum, and of course clothes.  Pete had a piñata this year that I made for the occasion, and he didn't have to share!  I think he had a great time, plus it was an easy party to prepare!
The cake

Grandma helping Pete destroy my hard work and earn some candy

Pete opening a tractor from grandma and grandpa, though it was
broken and we had to get another one.

A Year in Pictures
2nd birthday bash

October 2012- EEG

Halloween 2012

November 2012

December 2012

Big Snow 2013

Spring Break 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

July 2013

10 Little Things I Love about Pete
1.  After he tells me to "go way, mommy" at bedtime he comes to the door saying, "I missa mom, I missa my momma"(insert heart melt)
2.  How snugly he gets when he isn't feeling the best.
3.  Really a love-hate relationship, but his independence!
4.  The absolute love he has for his popo, popo welch and skypopo!  It is wonderful!
5.  His love of dirt.  Want to know how to entertain him, give him dirt or rocks, you'll have an easy 15-20 minutes.  Add a spoon and you'll have even longer.
6.  The way he says, "sarr-ee Dad, sarree Dad"  Love it! (that is sorry if you couldn't tell)
7.  The way he worries about leaving the dog at home, "Oh no! Woof a Mommy house! Save awoof!"
8.  Counting with Pete!  So much fun.  Especially after reading his rocket book and he counts down instead!
9.  The fact he is still a clean freak and even takes his plate to the sink for me now.
10.  While putting him to bed and having him tell me who he loves "I luv mommy, I luv daddy. I luv (I tell him Dex, but he changes it to woof) I say good night Pete, I love you Pete.  He responds, "I love Pete"  and his nightly, "sleep <pause> tight."

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