Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Life

We have been enjoying our nice relaxing time together before the school year hits and life gets crazy again.  We haven't had too much going on really.  Phil has tutoring every morning but really that has been the only real thing going on. Our little garden is doing well.  See my cute little watermelon?

See my cute little kid on the playset?
I've been getting lots of painting projects done because the weather is perfect for it.  Low humidity (for Indiana) and nice cool temperatures.  I did a makeover on Dex's doghouse that we bought out of somebody's yard for $20. It looks so much better, but I had forgotten to take a before picture! I also painted a bookcase I had picked out of the garbage.  It is amazing how just a couple minutes of painting makes just a huge difference in looks!  I have a few more things I'd like to paint, but I don't think my painting weather streak will stick with me. 

Doghouse redo

We took a quick trip to the Elkhart County Fair on Tuesday night.  We saw lots of animals and tractors, and Pete got to ride a couple of rides.
Pete with a dream tractor
Who am I kidding?  Every tractor is this kid's dream!

Just a nice lazy week of little projects and a healthy serving of fun on the side. 
Mom and Pete being monkeys with oranges during the lunch at the high school

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