Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Days 7 & 8: Salt Lake City

The first night in Salt Lake Pete ended up being sick.  His allergies had kicked into full gear and were going crazy before we got his medicine into him.  He had an early night and was the easiest to put to bed than he had in awhile! We had a quick breakfast at the first hotel, packed up and headed up to Taylorsville for awhile.  Phil grew up in Taylorsville so we had to stop and see his old house and what was going on in his old stomping grounds.  Pete fell asleep while cruising down memory lane.  Next we went to downtown Salt Lake to Temple Square.  We puttered around there for a bit seeing the sights before meeting up with Thomas for lunch and leaving Pete with my parents so we could go to the temple.  Pete got to ride the commuter train with grandma and grandpa to the new hotel to go swimming.

After our trip to the Temple and Pete's swimming time we met up with Phil's sister Amanda at a park and let the kids play.  Pete had fallen asleep and was in a grumpy mood for taking a short nap and being woken up too early.  After playing we picked up dinner and headed to the hotel to take all the kids swimming.
Pete, Robert and Alania playing in the sandbox

It ended up being a late night after we got all the kids rinsed off and in jammies.  Amanda had a really late night since she had to drive back up to Evanston  that night.
all the kids snuggled up
Pete, Alania, Matthew, and Robert

Next Stop: Dinosaur National Monument

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