Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 1: A Change of Plans

The first stop on our trek westward was Omaha, Nebraska; after the 8ish hour drive.  We stayed at a KOA with my parents and split a double camping "cabin" (shed) it had two rooms one with double bed and another with 2 sets of bunk beds.  It was a crazy good deal and worked out well, plus I just had to bring bed rolls and not all of the camping gear.  We had planned on going to Winter Quarters and seeing the historical sights in the area for the Mormon Trail, but we were all tired of being in the car and it was 91 degrees that afternoon/evening.  Instead we ordered pizza for dinner (delivered to our campsite!) and jumped on the trampoline thingy, played mini-golf and went for a swim in the pool!  Phil tried his luck on the slack line and Pete ran off lots of bottled up energy on the playset.  It was a great KOA and fun evening.
Phil and Pete jumping!

We finished off an audio book Red Shirts it was a great book kind of Star Trek/Stranger than Fiction/Galaxy Quest. The only problem is a couple of characters like to cuss a bit too much for my liking.  It might not be too bad in reading it because you can skim over it, instead of listening to it. 

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