Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 9: Dinosaur National Monument

After Salt Lake City we traveled up to Vernal to visit the Dinosaur National Monument.  We stayed at a KOA in Vernal and had another two room cabin.  Really they are nice. We got to the cabin unpacked ate some lunch and then headed over to see Dinos!  Pete was super excited the whole time we were driving there. He kept insisting that the dinosaurs needed a snack and juice, but really didn't want them to eat-the house, mommy, the car, Pete, his toys, but they could eat the hay and juice. I thought it was great to hear him list off all of this stuff! 

The site was pretty cool, though not amazing for a two year old.  The huge wall of dinosaur bones was amazing and the building was nice.  Pete's favorite part was riding the tram/truck to the dinos and the visitor center!  He watched the video and was way into in once he gave it a chance.   He did earn his junior ranger here too!  He even wore this one on his shirt for awhile.
Phil and Pete at the wall of bones

We went and checked out an old homestead for a bit before heading out to dinner back in Vernal and having some play time for Pete.  I try to pack lots of random toys and activities for Pete to do in the car or at rest stops along the way.  I'd been saving this one the whole time and I think he enjoyed it!
Pete at the homestead
Pete and his airplane

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