Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days 12-16: The Welch Family Reunion and the Long Drive Home

We had reservations at the Jackson KOA for this night.  It was a decent drive not too long, but not short either.  The GPS couldn't find the place so we went into Jackson looking for a the address, but never found it.  We called and they were actually south of Jackson (we drove right past it!) in Hoback, Wyoming.  It wasn't far but still annoying all the same!  It was a decent place, though they have tried to cram way too many spaces in one small little campground.  No way I'd imagine trying to take an RV into this place, no views for them either since there were maybe 5-6 feet from the next RV.  The cabins weren't much better, those ours did have a view of a mountain side, but most didn't. We stayed at the site that night, had Pudgie pies and s'mores over the fire.  So yummy!  Another camper shared some watermelon with us so an added bonus!

In the morning we packed up and headed out to Grand Teton National Park.  At the gate we met a ranger from Indiana, who even told us about another ranger that is from Warsaw!  Small world?! Well it gets even smaller! We started to pull away and the guy leans out of his shack and shouts, "I'm a Cardinal too!  I went to Ball State! Chirp! Chirp!" Isn't it crazy.  I loved it, so rock on Ball State Rock on!

We puttered through the park just checking out the scenery and taking our time to make it to the reunion.  Pete fell asleep and we drove through this national park to get to Yellowstone National Park, where the reunion was to be held.  We drove through Yellowstone, checked out a couple of auto loops and headed over to the cabin once it was ready for us. A few people were there before us but before the night was over pretty much everyone was there.

In the morning everyone sang me happy birthday, since it was July 4th, and we headed out to the park with Phil's mom, and plans of meeting up with Amanda and David.  Well we never did meet up! But we checked out Old Faithful and did a few other walks that day. That night we had a white elephant gift exchange. Pete got fishing gear from grandpa, Phil got a puzzle from Zion National Park from Kaylynn and I got a dentist gift bag from Phil's cousin. Plus I got a great birthday cake!

Today we actually left at the same time as Amanda and David. We went on a hike up to Harlequin Lake and checked out some paint pots after a picnic lunch.  We headed to West Yellowstone afterwards to pick up some shirts and start dinner after that.  We had a family history night and family information game about the past year this night.  We got our car packed up for the 13-14 hour driving day ahead of us.

Phil and Pete at the lake

Pete holding Robert's hand.  He had to hold someone's so he chose Robert!
We left once Pete woke up in the morning and were on our way.  We only stopped when completely necessary, like Pete screaming for a bathroom and we didn't have any real food left in the car.  We only stopped one real place for fun Wall Drug, South Dakota.  It is huge tourist trap, but way worth it.  I've been before with the venture crew, but they've done even more with it now!  They even added a splash pad!  Pete wasn't so sure about it, but we've added it as a must for future vacations. But alas I forgot to take my camera in with me, so no pictures!

We finally did make it home the next day.  Just in time to go to bed and send Phil off in the morning to a workshop for school!  A great trip with wonderful people! 


Next Stop: Laundry Room.

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