Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days 11 & 12: Grandpa and Grandma Welch's

Once we left Evanston we headed for Gossners Dairy.  Love this place!  They have the best milk, it comes in tons of different flavors, shelf stable and oh so tasty!  We picked up lots of cheese, 2 cases of flavored milk boxes and a case of cream for my mom since they didn't make it there this trip!  After we left with our also purchased ice cream we took the trip to Phil's grandparents in Corinne Utah. 
Phil and his Grandma

There ended up being a birthday party for Phil's Aunt Kaylynn.  So lots of family was around for that.  Everybody greeted us at the door and Pete flipped out!  I had to take him outside and get him to calm down for me before getting him inside the house to see everyone. But he did get calmed down after some "dumptruck and dirt" therapy in the sandbox.

doesn't this picture scream boy!
In the morning Pete wanted to help grandpa "work in the dirt" aka work in the garden with him.  Though while Grandpa and Phil were pulling weeds, he broke up dirt clods for him.  What a big helper!  He found the tractor and had to try it out for some time before moving onto the next adventure.  We also helped with some peas in the garden and got them all ready, we just had a party with it.  Pete decided he needed to call in some help and brought the Tonka trucks over to help haul the shells around.
Pete driving the tractor
Pete helping daddy in the corn

the pea party

Pete catching a ride after dumping the shells

We headed out that afternoon to make it up to Jackson, Wyoming near The Grand Tetons.
Thanks for the great time!

Next Stop: Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park

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