Monday, July 22, 2013

A Weekend Visitor

We had a rather unexpected visitor this weekend.  Dexter the Dachshund!  We've been thinking about getting a dog for awhile. Phil had said originally that once the guinea pigs were gone we could get one.  No worries Eileen and Millie are doing just fine, promise! But recently he changed his mind and the rules.  I'd been doing some research and decided we just needed to stop by the pound in Warsaw to see what was actually going on and how adopting really worked. So off we go Friday evening to the Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County just to scout it out, nothing more.  We get there get signed in and asked what kind of dog, breed, size, etc. We respond we don't know, just one that will be good with a three year old!  He walks us into the back and starts in the small dog/puppy area.  They all start going crazy! Oh humans! Love me! Feed Me! I have to pee! Except for one...Dexter, a two year old Dachshund.  hmm...he's cute and not too crazy and jumpy, we'll remember him...Next the big dogs. They all go crazy, but jump tons higher and bark louder!  We go to the cuddle room and they bring Dexter to us.  He is super calm and laid back.  Pete gets to pet him and isn't freaking out.  He even eats the treat Pete gives him.  The guy tells us that if we want they have a fostering program that we can pick him up Saturday afternoon and keep him until Tuesday morning to see if he'll fit in with the family. We say that sounds like a great idea, then he asks if we'd like to take him now, since he is here and they don't hold pets for fostering, so he might be gone by tomorrow afternoon.  So we fill out the application and go home with a dog, and get dog food and visit grandmas'. 

I love this picture!
He is an amazing dog.   He is loving, quiet, patient with Pete, and an amazing beggar!  We are pretty sure we are going to keep him but still aren't positive, though if we don't I think it would break his heart.  He is super attached to me and will barely let me leave his sight.  Maybe that is why I like him so much!  Until he tried to go into the cornfield, and it took us a couple minutes to find him again.

 Know how hard it is to find a wiener dog in a cornfield?


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