Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Days 4, 5 & 6: Bryce Canyon National Park with a Side of Car Problems

The first day was spent driving.  Our car started making some funky noises outside of Denver and then my parents' car started to have problems outside of Grand Junction, right after we left civilization and were in the desert!  It took us a couple hours longer to get there because their car couldn't go the speed limit.  Once we made it to Ruby's Inn and our "home sweet teepee" for the night.  The teepees were cheaper than the cabins so that is where we stayed. The only downfall was that they were right on the road, other than that there was tons more room and Pete thought it was fun to run circles around inside!
A scenic walk along the road while letting the cars take a break!

The next day we dropped our car off at the shop to be fixed.  It ended up taking extra time because they lost the part that they special ordered for us! So do yourself a favor and don't have your car break done around there!  We had to change our hiking plans since we were going to do a one way hike down into the canyon and then hike out (going down again instead of back up) another trail and to the second car.  Instead we hiked up the Tropic Trail which actually isn't in the National Park but also gets into the canyon.  We used it both ways, it was hard but fun to see the canyon from the inside as well as the top.  Pete was a big grump starting out because he had just started to fall asleep.

Phil, Pete and Mom on the trail
The views were beautiful the whole time, sometimes looking through our pictures I think they look Photoshopped!  Our last morning there (because they lost the part!) we took the rim walk around the canyon.  I won't lie some of those edges seemed a bit close and Phil was a bit too eager to get close and have a better look.  Pete finished up his junior ranger for this park too and got his badge.

Picture from the rim walk
We headed off to Salt Lake in the afternoon once we got our car back.  We had Pete ride with mom and dad for the last leg of the journey so we could stop and see Phil's brother Thomas in Provo.  We had dinner and went to a comic book store and checked out his apartment, before heading up to Salt Lake.
Pete doing what he does best: Playing in the Dirt!

Next Stop: Salt Lake City


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