Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pete's Great Escape and the Case of the Missing Sandals

I went to my parent's house yesterday with Pete.  I was talking to my mom and he was playing in the kids room with all the toys.  I went to check on him and he wasn't in there.  I went wandering around the house calling for him and couldn't find him anywhere!  I was really starting to freak out with no response from him, you know having a kid that had a completely random siezure will do that to you.  Well I was getting really freaked out when I made it out to the garage and out of the house until he came running to me.  Oh and was I mad. Just check out the video from the security camera!  Really it is funny watching it.

The case of the missing sandals happened later on that day before dad showed me the video.  We needed to go grocery shopping and I couldn't find my shoes anywhere in the house.   I knew I came over with them on but couldn't find them anywhere after that!  Well I borrowed a pair of my mom's sandals and started to leave, until we started to drive out and I saw them in the yard!

This boy can be such a headache sometimes, but I do love him!

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