Friday, March 29, 2013

'Tis the Season

Popo and Pete on the first ride of the season
 to be jolly?

 Nope, well I guess you can be jolly if you'd like, Pete sure is, but not with the Christmas spirit.  It is tractor season for Pete!  The "mowie" just made its season debut yesterday afternoon.  I bribed Pete with getting to ride it with Popo if he took a good nap, since the day before he decided to torture his mother and not take one at all.  Really though even if he hadn't taken a decent nap,he probably still would have ended up riding on it anyway.  Pete has been asking about the tractor all winter long, 9 inches of snow on the ground--"Mowie, drive, go?!" I'd have to respond that it was in the shed until it warmed up, so Pete started saying the tractor was sleeping, "Mowie, tao house, aaaachoooo aaaaachoooo?"  (translation: The tractor is in the shed/barn (yes he calls it a cow house) sleeping?)
Pete's checking to make sure Popo is doing it right.

I just liked this picture.  Don't mind the sagging, he's just got baby swag.

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