Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Snow.

Pete has been super excited about how much snow we have gotten lately.  Last week he loved it and this week was even better for him!  He has been begging to play in the big snow.  Well he got lucky last night, they called a 2 hour delay then and cancelled around 7 this morning.  I was pretty bummed they cancelled, I was supposed to work but instead stayed home with Phil and Pete, which wasn't too horrible of a trade off.  We went out this morning and shoveled the driveway while Pete played.  I pulled out the camera and snapped some pictures.  We also went over and scooped out grandma Horn and grandma Lich. After Pete's nap we went over to Mom and Dad's to play in their snow fort that they built.  I clobbered Phil in a snowball fight.  Phil hides behind stuff and packs the snowballs, whereas I just stand out in the open pick up snow and chuck it super fast.  Pete thought it was pretty dang funny.  After mom and Phil left to go to youth activities at church I stayed and built a snowman while dad continued on the snowfort (which is above his head, but I'll let mom blog about that) and Pete laid in the snow and ate some of it.
Pete getting prepared to smack mom with a snowball

Phil attempting to get mittens on Pete

Pete helping dad clear the way

Pete shoveling snow in the driveway

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