Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Subbing and Knitting

 This past week I subbed for a friend at a local elementary school.  I was in charge of the computer lab so I got the chance to see lots of different kiddos all week long and throughout the day.   It was fun to have some younger kids for once since I'm normally at the high school.  There I have to bribe the kids occasionally with snacks to get them to be quiet and do the work, but here no such thing necessary they wanted to be here and work.  They even liked me, the high schoolers like me because I'll bring them food occasionally.  I also discovered that there is a knitting group that meets on Fridays during lunch.  Some of the students bring down their projects to a teachers room and chat and knit.  I was talking to the teacher earlier in the day when the subject somehow came up in the conversation.  I showed her the hat that I'd made early during the before school and during my lunch hour and the scarf that I'm currently working on.  My hat is amazing I found the pattern on pinterest (big surprise I know).  Here is a direct link to the pattern, it is the Houzuki Hat.  You might have to join Ravelry to view or download it but its free if you are interested and well worth the few seconds involved in the process.  It was a bit difficult, most definitely not something mindless, but well worth the work involved.  I've been wanting a slouchy hat for some time now and finally decided to just break down and make one.  I love it! I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in terracotta.  I had to use just over 1 skein for the project which took me awhile to find a second skein because everyone was sold out of not just my color but the type of yarn as well.  Luckily though amazon came through. 

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Jami said...

Kim! This hat is gorgeous! You are an amazing knitter!!!!