Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cow and Tractor Bedding

I've been working on this for a couple day. I asked my facebook friends the best tips for switching Pete to a big boy bed and the top answer was big boy bedding.  Well it becomes a problem when your kid has no clue who any of the Disney characters are, this is actually one of my goals is to keep him away from knowing these things too early, so way to go kiddo!  Personally it is the commercialization of childhood, right up there with the commercialization of Christmas, some people think it is horrible while others just enjoy the fun, to each their own, the kids will turn out fine either way.  Anyway the problems lies though with the fact that Pete loves tractors (preferably red) and cows, and they don't make many toddler sized blankets and such in cow or his tractors.  So what is a mother to do?!  Make them!  I spent the last couple nights working on them.  The sheet was super easy, maybe 1/2 an hour and way cheaper and cooler than a store bought one!  I had the material from another project and just used it up.  The quilt I bought the fabric for, walmart, and just did a totally random mesh up.  Phil liked the random design and I didn't care as long as the tractors stayed whole and didn't get cut up. 

New bedding plus his pillowcase from Christmas!

Quilt shot.
Pete loves it and thought it was really cool, though he still decided to fall asleep on the floor tonight. The kid has done that every other night so far.  Hopefully he will just decide the bed is more comfortable and go for it. 


Jami said...

How fun! Liam does know some of the characters, but loves trains and pirates way more! So I'm thinking when the time comes I'll end up doing something similar (making them for him I mean)... right now we're hoping to keep him in his crib until he's about 3 :D I don't need a 6 o'clock wake up just yet lol

Kim Call said...

Trust me I was not planning on switching him yet! He did it all on his own. I think he knew mommy was having it too easy and needed to switch it up a bit!