Thursday, March 14, 2013

Drawing with Pete

 Today has been such a better day than yesterday.  Yesterday everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Luckily today though it hasn't been perfect, but both of us (see it isn't just me, Pete gets some of the blame too) are handling it much better.  I was actually able to go to yoga today!  It has been awhile and I bet people are able to tell with how snappy I've been.  Sorry if you got snapped at, apparently I really need to stretch and relax before seeing people during the week at least occasionally.  Anyway, we did some visiting teaching-Pete got to play with Luke, which both parties were excited about.  Plus, I got to carry on a conversation with adults two days in a row-that is pretty much a record! 

Well once we got home from our exciting morning we fed the birds, checked the mail, brought in the garbage cans, and I set up some fencing in front of our easement window while Pete played outside.  When we went inside Pete wanted some trail mix for a snack and to color.  Well boy was he in luck because both were still on the table from playgroup the other day!  I had to pull out the camera to snap some quick pictures of him, but he also insisted on me taking some of us together too!  He wanted one with Daddy, but that was a bit more difficult since he is at work!

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