Friday, August 1, 2008

The Drain Dilemma

Last Sunday as I hopped in the tub to take a quick shower I quickly found myself standing in a tub full of raising water!  I was not pleased with this since I had just cleaned it on Friday while Phil was at work.  We couldn't do much about it on Sunday because we were having a new couple in the ward our for the traditional Sunday pizza dinner.  On Monday we attacked the tub with hangers and every long flexible item able to be shoved down a tub drain (which really isn't much in our apartment) So the next thought was chemicals, well after the 11.30pm run to Wal-Mart run was in vain because they didn't work, but we did remember that Phil had to go to work at midnight so that was good at least.  We then called the landlord who has never actually returned our call to see what he wanted us to do.  Then I Wednesday morning I had enough and went to the wonderful world of the Internet and looked it up on Yahoo and found an article from the University of Florida (I find this super funny, and I don't really know why) on how to solve the problem.  The answer was a plunger!  Okay and some screwdrivers, wet rag and a tub full of water.  So I took off the plate that is supposed to control whether the water goes down the drain or not (which is just for looks on ours) stuffed a wet rag in it and turned on the water to fill up the tub.  Then attacked the clog with all of my plunging abilities! It took about 3 minutes of this and suddenly I was standing in an empty soap scummy tub!   I was thrilled to have actually conquered the silly thing!

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The Horn Family said...

hey, if you want you can come de clog ours. i can't get the plate to come off though, it's like there's too much hair wrapped around the screw for it to come off.