Friday, July 25, 2008

Warsaw Work

So this week Phil was supposed to be at Scout Camp for the ward, but all of the kids except the scoutmasters dropped out at the last minute, so they didn't need him to go. So instead we went to Warsaw to tackle the front flowerbed next to the road. We only planned on doing a third of it this weekend but plans change and we (okay I should say Phil) finished the whole thing! I didn't do much to help the first day I washed the car (to get the stuff off from the Batesville reception) then I went grocery shopping with Mom. The second day I shredded Zuchinni from the garden and baked some wonderful cookies. Oh and I also played with the cat that decided to come and "help" Phil with the yard work, but I did some work. It was a fun break from the normal week. So I just realized that it is only one month until school starts and everyone will be back for the year! I also just found a few of the pictures from the honeymoon so I will put those up too, oh and we don't have an after picture because it was dark when we finished and we left early in the morning so yet again it was dark!

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The Horn Family said...

We thought it looked very nice. Phil you did an awesome job and so did you Kim!