Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Always fun when Robert Comes....

Okay so this has been a very exciting week! I will start at the beginning though so you don't find out about the title unto the end.  Okay so on Tuesday we took a crazy trip to Indy because we had forgotten about the free tickets to the Indiana State Museum that we had won for donating blood.  We saw lots of different things there and then had a picnic on the canal behind the museum.  After we saw the museum we went to the Half price bookstore near Aunt Kate's house.  Once we finished up there and spent a whole two dollars on six cassette tapes we found for the car, we called Aunt Kate to see what she was doing in the evening.  We meet her and went out for a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster, I tried some of Phil's fish, just to let you know.  Then we finally headed home and then Phil had to work at Midnight for Marsh.  Okay now the main event of the week...drum roll please...Robert's Home Coming!  So Robert is Phil's next younger sibling in the line starting with Ben (Charity), Amanda (David), Phil (me), Robert, Thomas, James and Sarah. Their missions overlapped so they didn't see each other for four years!  His flight was supposed to be in last night in the evening, but instead it was about 12.30am! Today we spent the day cramped in the together with Mom, Dad, and Robert and of course the two of us quite a fun adventure all over southern Ohio and Indiana.  We went to the dentist the Stake Center to get him released and then to the eye doctor.  As you can tell we had some fun too along the way! 

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