Sunday, August 10, 2008

From Putt-Putt to the State Fair...

It was a very exciting week Monday we took a random trip to Putt-Putt in Anderson, Indiana and to Mounds State Park.  That was our Family Home Evening for the week, it was funded
 by Grandma Horn, so thanks!  Phil's Mom came up on Wednesday for a bit with his sister Sarah, she went to this really nifty flea market and got a whole bunch of super cheap produce and share the goods with us including asparagus, peaches, pineapple, watermelon, and salad!  We went out for lunch and sat around and talked for awhile.  It was a fun day.  Then Thursday resulted in a massive day of preserving fruit and veggies. We used the majority of the peaches to make jam and preserves, we ate some of the pineappleand made jam out of it too.  (it was quite yummy)  We froze the asparagus to have for this winter.  Everything turned out wonderfully and totally made a mess in the kitchen, but to have all of the food for later will be great.  Friday after Phil got off work we drove to Indy to meet up with Matt, Tashina and the girls to go to the State Fair, we were later joined by Mom and Dad.  We had a great time and stayed up late talking.  Phil and I slept outside in our tent in the backyard and in the morning we all went out for a giant breakfast afterwards Phil had to leave to get to Muncie to start his 12 hour work day.  I stayed in Indy with the family and went to the orchard that Tashina loves and got pears and apple cider slushies!  Yum!  I went back to the Fair with Mom and did all of the things we wanted to do and didn't have a chance to do the day before, and while we were there I won a drawing for a free book of Indiana Trees and a super handy and nice bag.  After we finished up at the Fair we started our way back to Muncie and ate dinner at Steak-n-Shake.  Finally on Sunday we both had to get up and work on lessons for our different callings mine was for the nursery, which was a complete success with the whole goal of the kids blessing the snack, and Phil's was for Elders Quorum.  We went on a long walk to celebrate our 2 Month anniversary and the cooler weather.  Tomorrow we are going to travel to Indiana Beach to use our free pass and have a last big day before the stress of school starts up again for a few months.  

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