Monday, August 4, 2008

Oklahoma Outdoors

So to begin our exciting and action-packed weekend we went to see the musical Oklahoma outside at a local park by an area theater group. The show was sadly cut short right after the wedding of Curly and Laurie, because of the storm that was quickly approaching. I made some yummy chicken to take on a picnic to watch it since Phil was getting off work half an hour before it started! We walked down and afterwards we were planning on sitting around and playing guitar, but
plans changed due to the weather and instead moved it inside our apartment. On Saturday morning we woke up early and went to the local farmers market where we got some green tomatoes and some bell peppers and a cool strange purple pepper! Then we drove around and ran some more errands around town. While we were out we picked up some milk and discovered that the price had jumped 20 cents in one week! Err.... We both had to work in the afternoon and evening and I didn't get off until 11pm so Phil made a wonderful dinner of Green Fried Tomatoes! Then on Sunday we both had to get to church early because we had meetings for our new callings. Nursery was much better today, it was probably better that it was the first day that was the worst and not yesterday because I wasn't expecting anything that week. But I did find out that the Nursery leader will be gone for the next two Sundays so I will be the one in charge, poor kids... Once we got home from church we had to start making dinner for the couple that was coming over for pizza dinner. It was a fun weekend though it was a bit crazy with work schedules and such. ....oh by the way... I have pictures but left my camera at home and I am on campus so there will be pictures up at some point...sorry

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The Horn Family said...

I love Oklahoma, it's such a great musical.