Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank the Troops

    I love all of the stuff that our country does for Veteran's Day.  Cities have memorials and programs hosted by the schools and businesses offer good deals for Veteran's and send special things to those overseas still currently serving.  While we do have some veteran's in the family we don't have any immediate family currently serving except for my cousin's husband who is currently deployed.  While I don't have to face those challenges that he does every day or what she has to keeping the family grounded, organized and trying to explain to toddlers where daddy is everyday, I'm thankful for them.
   Well I found this cool thing from Shutterfly that they are doing this year for those serving.  They have 4 different cards (see above image) to choose from that you can write your own message and add a picture if you want and they will send them to the troops for you for FREE! I made one for our family to be sent using the facebook app.  It was nice because you could include a picture and put some time personalizing it or leave it fairly plain and used the text that they already had and just sign your name.  Here is the link to make your own card to be sent out. Also you can share your finished card on facebook and let others know as well!

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