Friday, November 16, 2012

Shopping Trip with Grandmas

Mom and Pete post shopping trip
Wednesday was our annual trip with grandmas up to Darlington in Fort Wayne.  They sell a little bit of everything especially Christmas stuff like wrapping paper and bows, plus calendars, books, knick knancks, toys, gloves and coloring books.  But the catch is that everything in the store is $1.59 (except for the candy and calendars which are 2.99)  It is all the stuff that the school have for fundraisers so all the super expensive wrapping paper that the neighbor kids are trying to sell you is $1.59 instead of $5-10 bucks a roll!  I normally attack the books the most and get a ton for Pete because you can't be that price for board book for a toddler, especially Christmas ones.  I'm always on the look out for Christmas books for him because every year I go through and pull the box of Christmas books out and wrap them and starting December 1 he gets to unwrap one a day until Christmas Day.  He gets to practice his unwrapping skills and open something once a day which saves his real presents from "accidental" openings.  I love the tradition and am getting really close to having too many books.  (is that really possible though?)

Also on our trip we ran into Target for a good time wandering and shopping. Boy do I miss having one in town.   The dollar spot was disappointing though, hardly anything was a buck and now parts of it are up to $3!  Lame.  I got some good deals on some stuff namely a Big Bang Theory shirt for Phil for $2.98!  I love good deals.

We ate at Five Guys for lunch since there is now one in Fort Wayne.  I love this place they have the best burgers and fries and the price isn't too bad.  They have a ton of toppings, which are free and the fries and cut there and you know where the potatoes are grown because they write it on the white board above the sacks of potatoes.  Yum...I need to move on or I'll want another burger but don't have gas money to go up there!

Grandmas wanted to stop in at Macy's, but Pete was being grumpy because he decided to wake up for the day at 2.30 in the morning since he didn't want to take a nap the day before and fell asleep at 4.30.  We walked the mall and noticed how much stuff has changed since I'd been there last.  Eeks!  It was a great time and I bought lots of fun stuff.

Family Shot!
 You can tell from the pictures from later on in the evening that we all survived (including the bank account) and were still having fun.  Though I think I need to change the light bulb to get rid of that horrible yellow color!

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