Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Stuff Snob?...with a freebie

  I love free stuff, it is one of my favorites.  Most of Pete's outdoor toys have been dumpster diving finds or someone getting rid of stuff and me snatching it up off of facebook.  I'm a cheapskate I'll gladly admit it, but at the same time I'm picky.  I won't be happy with just anything.  I guess I'm a free stuff snob.  One of my favorite things to be snobby about are cards, I can't always get the super cute cards because I kind of gag a bit on the price, unless they are customized then I can handle paying a bit more for them because they aren't the run of the mill big box store cards.
  What is even better then is when I can get something for free and be snobby about it. is one of the websites I use when I'm sending out birthday and random holiday cards (non-Christmas).  I've made quite a few cards from their website and have gotten crazy good deals or free cards from them! This is where I made Phil's Valentine from Pete and a Thanksgiving card for Grandma and Grandpa Welch. They also will mail them for you for the cost of the stamp!  I love it, my life is so much easier when I can order it online and once it is printed have it shipped directly to them instead of coming to me and then sending it out. Though I've done it that way as well.  You can also schedule cards to be sent out so you don't have to figure out how long it will take the postal service to get it across the country.  You make your card now and they send it out in time for the delivery date. 

 Now the moral of this story is that is having a good deal for you my friends!  They are having two days of FREE cards.  You can make your free card today (Monday 11/19/12) or tomorrow  (Tuesday 11/20/12).  Just design your card and use the promo code: TREATBLOGR 

One of my favorite uses is to send kids cards from Santa about being on the nice or naughty list.  I sent one to grandma last year as a prank. A fun and early just because Christmas card could be fun as well or a Thanksgiving card for the family you can't make it to this year.  Anyway you end up with a free card to send to someone to enjoy and brighten your day without lightening your wallet!

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A little spot about Me said...

i used the code! very cool freebie!! Thanks!!