Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday

Monday was my grandpa's birthday.  We had a nice dinner with everyone at Penguin Point and then went over to their house for cake and ice cream. Pete got to play with the toys over there and freak out shag a bit.  Sometimes Pete is fine with him then other times he doesn't want the dog near him! It was a fun evening to hang out and celebrate a great grandpa, in both aspects.  Pete loved the cake and kept sneaking finger-fulls of frosting when no one was looking.  He looked really cold but really it was the very blue frosting turning him blue, not the temperature!
Grandpa Horn

Mom goofing off at the restaurant (and she gets on Uncle David about camera faces?)

The birthday cake

Shaggy being camera shy

Pete after eating the blue frosting from the cake

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