Thursday, November 15, 2012

Neurologist Check up

On Tuesday Pete had his month post seizure check up with his Neurologist in Fort Wayne.  It took me longer to fill out the paper work than the appointment took which I guess would be a good thing!  The doctor said they didn't find anything on the MRI that was abnormal outside of the allowed range.  (everyone is a bit different so there is a range of "normal")  Pete was always within the range so it is declared normal!  The doctor checked to make sure he was still himself and not turning into devil boy, since a side effect of the medication is mood swings and grumpiness.  (it says so on the side of the bottle) Anything that is grumpy about the boy comes from being a 2 year old that doesn't always get his way and hears the word NO from mommy or daddy.  All is well but we are going to leave him on the medication for awhile longer and he has a checkup in April to see the neurologist again and suck some more money from us.

I just found this picture and had to show off our hard working boy.  Poor kid is already getting stuck doing chores at the house.

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