Thursday, April 2, 2015


Did I really just use a hashtag for a blog title? I'm just going to skip over that part shaking my head at myself.  We cloth diaper, Pete was and so is Nora. I love cloth diapering, really the laundry isn't bad at all. It has become my favorite laundry to have to do, which I normally despise laundry but don't mind this one bit.  I use a little bit of everything on Nora, Pete was strictly in gdiapers, but I've since expanded our "stash". Phil and my mom are both able to change Nora and rarely have any issues.
Nora showing off her cuteness in a Grovia

The cloth diapering community is doing a big challenge to share and try to get more people to give cloth a chance.  Some families that are already doing cloth are challenging themselves in some way as well.  I've decided to finally attempt cloth diapering at night. It has always scared me to do it but I'm going to give it a go at least through Earth Day.

Just a cute shot of Nora in a Bumgenius

Bumgenius Diaper all ready for duty

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