Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sibling Pictures

My mom got all the grandkids matching outfits for Easter and wanted their pictures taken together.  That happened during the Horn family's spring break awhile ago, and I just got a copy of the pictures.  Mom placed me on a gag order of all the kids together, I have them but am not allowed to share them; she wants that glory to herself, but she did say I could do what I wanted with the ones of my kids.  We had these pictures taken at Blosser's here in Warsaw.  The prices were fair and the results were great, especially since we were working with 7 kids from 8 years down to 9 months.

The dresses came from Zulily and the boys ties came from solid color neckties.  Amazingly everything fit, the ties matched the dresses perfectly, and it all arrived on time!  This was Nora's first time getting her picture professionally taken, since most of the studio around that I could afford have shut down.  

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