Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Phil's dad, SkyPopo as Pete has dubbed him came up to visit for the long weekend.  Sarah came up too, but really didn't stick around too much and went to play with friends most of the weekend.  Saturday we stuck around the house and played here.  We cooked up some dinner on the grill and then went to Zoyo's for frozen yogurt.  Pete fell asleep right as we pulled in so he missed out, but we ate some in his honor.  Once we got home we watch Stranger than Fiction, for the evening entertainment. 

Sunday we had church in the morning and naps in the afternoon followed by a big dinner by me, homemade bread (using this recipe), pasta, and a watermelon from our garden! I think I know what we are going to be growing next year! We had a big bonfire with my parents and Ray and ate smore's and roasted marshmallows.  Monday we spent the morning with the family, had lunch and said farewell  to the Call's.

We spent the afternoon at my parents.  Phil took Pete to the pool, I did some grocery shopping for the cookout that evening, while mom painted her bedroom.  We had some yummy hamburgers, veggies, chips, watermelon; followed by homemade ice cream and peach cobbler from the fire.  We ate really well this weekend! 

Dex had a friend stay over for the weekend too.  Penny the Pug! Her owners went out of town for the weekend so Penny came to hangout with us for the weekend.  Dex wasn't so sure about having another dog around and Penny wasn't so thrilled with the 3 year old and other dog that kept her awake and moving most of the day!  I think she is used to napping more often!  I ended up taking her home on Monday afternoon because I thought she needed a break.  I came back twice to check on her that evening and found that she hadn't moved an inch since I'd left her!  Poor tired girl!

We had some exciting car problems too  over the weekend. My car's brakes decided to stop working and had to hobble to my parents house, since we were stranded in their neighborhood.  No one was open on the holiday so it sat over night and we had it towed to  the shop today. The whole thing ended up being totally free!  AAA towed it, and the shop didn't charge us since they had just replaced the brake 2 months ago.  So really that turned out relatively well considering.  The two truck driver even let Pete help out with the levers to get the car up on the flat bed.  He thought it was amazing! Plus it might explain his lack of a nap that day...

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