Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A 5k and a Party!

Saturday was a busy and exciting day.  We started out the day early with a 5k at 8 in the morning at the YMCA for the corporate challenge to support the school system against Zimmer and the other big contenders.  We didn't do too bad considering we haven't trained at all for it we finished in 53 minutes while pushing Pete in the stroller and chatting the whole time with friends.  Afterwards we headed over to my parents' house to start the birthday festivities for Phil and my mom.  We had the whole clan there to celebrate with a cookout, homemade ice cream, banana cream cake and a bonfire.  The weather was just perfect for it!  The kids all loved playing together, Pete got along really well with everyone. Dex wasn't a huge fan of that many kids in one location but quickly got used to it and even seemed to have a fun time with Josey.  Phil got some nice presents, including an expansion for the game Seven Wonders.  It was a really fun time with everyone!
Dex hiding out in the basement in his hoodie

The boys taking in some Mighty Machines on the Roku

Mom and Grandma Lich

Phil showing off his birthday present!

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