Monday, September 16, 2013

Cleaning Day

Our house has been screaming to be deep cleaned for the last week.  No worries it has been sanitary, just not the greatest.  Part of it would get cleaned while another got skipped a week. Today though the whole kit and caboodle was cleaned up!  We had a contractor coming to give us an estimate on the roof this morning so before he came I accomplished the following:
Woke up.
Got Pete breakfast.
Swept the kitchen/dining room/entrance/hallway/bathroom
Moved the furniture the kitchen.
Mopped the kitchen/dining room/entrance/hallway/bathroom
Scrubbed the toilet and tub
Washed the mirror
Wiped down counter and toilet tank
Got around myself
Got Pete dressed

All that before 10 in the morning!  I think it deserves a prize or something! At least a pat on the back for it!

Before Pete's naptime I added in:
Vaccuming the bedrooms (2) and front room
3 loads of laundry
eating lunch with Pete
Finishing the blocks for a baby quilt
Meal planning for the week
Gluing Pete's toys back together

I've been busy today.  The only part that didn't get cleaned up was the basement, but there is no point in vacuuming when I am sewing too many bits and pieces! Really though it hasn't been too bad the weather has been so nice that I didn't mind.  I'm loving the cool weather we have had lately, so glad summer is over.  I really hate the heat, so nice to pull out my blue jeans and sweatshirts again!
The quilt I've been working on, alas I ran out of the border material so I have to go back and buy more.

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