Friday, September 13, 2013

A Pete Day

Last week I took Great Grandma Horn to the zoo with us, this week it was Grandma Lich's turn.  I forgot my camera last week and barely grabbed my video camera this time.  Today was the perfect day at the zoo.  Cool weather that needed a sweatshirt the whole time, especially considering the 90s earlier in the week. Also no school groups were there!  A miracle!  We spent a couple hours walking the zoo and then went to eat lunch at McDonalds, poor Pete was asleep before we hit the highway home!  Grandma Lich just wore him out!
Tonight was the father-son campout.  Pete was still sleeping when Phil had to leave so I got to hang out with him.  I'd promised him a movie and popcorn for dinner and I delivered!  We watched the Curious George movie and made Jiffy-Pop popcorn. We have all been so busy the last couple of weeks, Pete was kind of getting the short end of the stick with the playing and fun.  So today was a wonderful remedy for this.  It was a generally great day for Pete and not too bad for me either!

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