Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Swimmingly Good Time

Think he is having a fun time?
birthday boy!
 This weekend Phil had a campout with the young men at church so I took Pete and went down to see family down in Indy.  Ben had a birthday so we went to go to his party and to hang out with Aunt Kate during her day off work.  I had a great drive down, Pete slept the entire way there and woke up as we pulled into her house so he got lucky and got to join us for ice cream and a shopping trip to Meijer.  Saturday we went to Matt and Tashina's house once we got around and played for a bit and Pete took a nap so he could be ready for dinner at Red Robin.  He had a hoot playing with Ally in the booth for dinner and he actually ate a pretty decent dinner for me.  Afterwards we went and had Ben open presents and then proceeded to Mom and Dad's hotel room to use the pool.  I'd forgotten my swimsuit so I was lucky enough to play the part of photographer.  Pete had a wonderful time playing with everyone and playing in a real pool instead of the bathtub.  Afterwards we went and had cake and ice cream and played with Ben's new toys.  Sunday morning we slept in and spent some more time with the Horn Family before hitting the road to head home.  Pete again slept most of the ride and was able to watch one show on the kindle.  It was a fun filled weekend and a nice relaxing one too after the hectic schedule of the week before. 

Lucy kicking up a storm

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