Monday, April 8, 2013

Day one: Cades Cove and Easter Egg Hunt

Phil, Pete and Ben throwing rocks in the stream
For spring break this year we got a big cabin with my parents and my brother's family down in the Smokies.  Most of our week is spent in Cades Cove, especially this year after a landslide washed out the road to the other side of the park.  We didn't complain too much though because it is still super fun, just no elk for us this time.  Last year the kids got to play in the water a ton, this year though it was way too cold for that so we got to through sticks and rocks from the shore.  Not quite as fun but the kids still found it satisfying. We toured the cove then stuffed some eggs for a huge Easter egg hunt.  I hid them with mom in the edge of the woods while the kids zoned on a show for a few minutes until we were ready for them to come start looking.  Pete has only ever had one before and it was his very first Easter, so he wasn't quite as talented as the Horn kids that get lots of practice with the other side of their family. Pete did pretty decent but kept trying to open the eggs to see what was in them, instead of continuing to look.  He ended up with 6 of the 50 eggs.

Pete picking out a good rock for throwing

Pete and Ben investigating something in the mud

Pete stole the other kids' bags and ran after the great hunt.  Smart boy!

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