Monday, April 15, 2013

Day Five: Our Final Day

Pete driving (on popo's lap)
This was our last full day on vacation. We started out going on a hike in the Elkmont area, it was our own personal "trail of tears"  I think pretty much all of the kids had a break down while on that hike!  Afterwards Pete fell asleep immediately in the car, I don't think we made it out of the parking area before he was out!  We had a picnic lunch in the Cades Cove picnic area and let the kids throw rocks into the stream next to our table.  Today was also Pete's day for riding in the front of the car with grandma and grandpa through the cove.  No worries you go maybe 15 mph through there.  Pete had a hoot with that and wasn't too thrilled with switching back into his carseat in the back with daddy!  But vacation can't be all smiles and giggles, right? Later on in the loop we took a stroller down to a stream and some bamboo.  Lucy rode on my shoulders for the walking part, until she could get down and throw sticks in!  This is also where I ran out of space on my camera's card and didn't have any extras.  The downside of not owning a functional laptop and not realizing you don't have the type of memory card that you need for the camera.
Family picture at Elkmont

Pete hanging out the window through Cades Cove

Pete watching the van drive through a river in Cades Cove

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