Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day Three: Up to the Highest Height

Wondering about the title?  Well Tashina beat me to let's go fly a kite so I continued on with the rest of the song, though we were the ones singing the song while we were there.  Anyway.  Day three Matt picked up some kites to fly while in the cove, mostly because they wanted to try flying dad's tiny little video camera that can clip onto things.  It didn't work out too well because our kites were too small for its weight but they might have gotten some clips from it.  Other than the problems with the flying camera it was the easiest experience with flying a kite I have ever had! We were on a hill in within Cades Cove and the wind coming up made it so you just lifted the kite to get it started no trying to have someone hold it and run or any of the normal nonsense! The menfolk went on a hike across some fields after our kite flying a picnic while the women and children went on to the mill and houses.  Josey fell asleep on the way so it was up to me and mom to take the rest of the kids so Ally could talk to the miller and get her Junior Ranger badge.  We all survived though Pete wasn't happy about daddy leaving him with so many girls! 

Pete crying about Daddy going on a hike without him.

from left to right: Pete, Ben Lucy and Ally looking into a barn

Pete snuggling up with Grandma

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