Monday, April 8, 2013

Day Two: Hiking to a Waterfall

Our second day was going to be one of the few days with decent temperatures and some sunshine, though we got lucky and had lots of sun.  We took advantage of it with a trip to a Spruce Flats Waterfall in the Tremont area of the Smokies.  We were quite the crew with 6 adults, 3 kiddos in backpacks and two walking on their own and later one of those having to be carried to finish it up.  It was a georgous day for the hike and ended up ditching the sweatshirts for a change!  The views were crazy good, the kids though were a bit bummed at the fact that you could see the road from most of the trail, but if you took the road you can't see the full waterfall, so it was worth it. 
Phil and Pete

The cliff climbing Calls

See I'm on vacation too!

The hiking Horn Family

Our destination.

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