Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Washing Machine vs. The Apartment

Apparently our washing machine has it out for our apartment.  It decided it needed to wash the whole thing and almost managed to do so the other day.  The only room that wasn't wet was our dining room, which is really my craft room and Phil's office so we are so blessed to not have the water there.  The lid was left up the other night on the washing machine so it filled up and should have just soaked everything, but instead and kept filling and filling and filling and didn't stop until 4 in the morning when Phil woke up for the day and stepped in soggy carpet!  It made it through our whole apartment, except the dining room and our pantry which is right across the hall (3/4 feet away).  Our bookcases in the living room soaked up a nice bit of water and we have 5 fans running along with the air conditioner and dehumidifier.  It is quite a loud place to be right now so we have been staying at my parent's house while it dries at our home.  It hasn't been much fun and has made it hard to try and get ready for farmer's market, but we succeeded today in selling!

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