Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eileen the Wonder Pig

This is our new pet, Eileen.  She is an adorable 5 month old guinea pig. We are having so much fun with her!  It is nice to have a critter around other than a fish.  We did have fish if you recall back awhile but they died due to Muncie's water.  Now that we have a career (not just a job) we decided that it was possible to have a pet to actually spend time with, not to mention, because I am a complete and total sucker for cute and furry and Pete really likes watching animals and petting nicely.  We decided on a Guinea Pig because we aren't allowed to have cats or dogs in our apartment and because they are a bit more friendly than other rodents plus if she does get away she is big enough to find and I don't have to worry about there being an infestation like I would with mice or rats. We also don't have to pay the extra rent the comes with owning a dog or cat at an apartment with her either!  We adopted Eileen from Heartland Small Animal Rescue she was not only cheaper than adopting from a pet shop but also we were helping her out too, and I must say she is much cuter than any at the local pet shops.  Pete loves her and can say her name (Eyeen) and if you ask her where she is while you are anywhere in the house he will quickly crawl to her cage and show her to you. She also doesn't seem to mind him too much either as long as someone is holding her and someone else is holding Pete.  Otherwise it can get a bit tricky.

She was not a big fan of the camera when I tried to take pictures but hopefully that will change with time and I can get some better ones!

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