Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apartment Pictures- Master Bedroom

I finally took some pictures of our apartment.  I thought I would show off our awesome Ikea furniture that we picked up in our massive trip to Ikea this summer.  We had some furniture that we bought off of my old boss Marydella, it wasn't pretty but it only cost $50 for the entire bedroom set and we didn't have anything at the time, so it was great for us.  It was ugly, it was plastic that has a wood grain to it, and a bad 70's vibe.  This time we upgraded to particle board!  It was pretty much the cheapest stuff that Ikea has for a bedroom, but we loved it, we had a budget that could have handled the better quality stuff, but we really like the look of the Aneboda Collection.  We ended up getting two nightstands, one dresser and one wardrobe.  Phil likes to hang up all of his clothes while I hate hanging anything but skirts and dresses, so it really worked out well for us.  The best thing is that they can hold all of our stuff! I actually have an empty drawer in my nightstand!  Our last set we had to have the whole thing stuffed just to hold my stuff, the things were huge, but really didn't have any space on the inside.  The towels on the bed are because the is what I had just finished before taking pictures. I love the way that we "fold" them now, it was always a big argument as to how to fold the towels (dumb I know) Phil like it one way I preferred it another. This apartment doesn't have a linen closet (designed by a guy, most definitely) so towel storage was a bit of an issue, but we re-purposed a couple of things and ended up using Pete's plastic storage tub for it. Folding the towels it will hold about 2 per drawer, which isn't very useful, but rolling them and I can fit 4 towels in a drawer!  I won't lie it makes me feel fancy by having my towels rolled, like a hotel...if only I wasn't the one washing, drying and rolling them then it would be a bit more realistic.

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