Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pukey Pete

 Pete has been super duper pukey lately (more than he was even as a newborn and spit-up).  I don't know if he is allergic to something or if it is a sinus/allergy issue with pollen, but it is nasty!  He has barfed at least once a day for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and it is grossing me out. I took him off milk the other day after noticing that he puked more after drinking it, though I drank milk while breastfeeding and he had the regular milk-based Similac and he was fine on regular whole milk for about a week.  I don't know what is going on but it is gross, he has a doctor's appointment for his well-baby checkup in about two weeks but I don't know if I should take him in or if the doctor is just going to say freaky over-reactive mother and say he is fine or the worst answer for anyone is it is an upper respiratory infection and needs to work its course.(can you tell I have been told this too many times?) It is also a new doctor since we moved and The Amazing Doctor Russ from Muncie moved on and is no longer at the same office.  Sadness...He has also been a picky eater lately and doesn't trust us about what he is eating.  He is fine with eating the same thing as us at the same time, but for snacks he has to be the one to get it out of the box and bowl and eat it because he thinks I am trying to sneak something extra healthy (that I wouldn't eat) into him.  But something healthy that he does like is tofu! I was really surprised when he ate a whole bowl of tofu stir-fry the other day and keeping down was even more impressive! I am trying to eat at least 1 tofu dish a week to get a cool pair of shorts and so far we are doing pretty good.

If anyone has any experience with what is going on with Pete that would be great!

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Matt said...

My kids have all had acid reflux, so anytime it acted up, they could get sick. Although whenever Ben gets reflux he ends up with croup. Personally, I'd go to the dr., but that's coming from a crazy momma. I would recommend calling the dr. office and ask to talk to a nurse, tell her what all is going on and see what she recommends on whether or not you should go in. Or if your insurance company has a nurse's line you could call and talk to a nurse and see what they think. We've done that a few times.
If he is having allergy/pollen symptoms, you could get him some claritin and give him 1/4 t. and see what that does. That's the dosage they told us to give Lucy. Good Luck, pucky kids are NO fun. I would suggest putting a blanket on the floor with toys and staying on the blanket, that way the puck is at least on the blanket and not all over your floor.