Friday, October 2, 2009

Douglas and Kitty

Wondering who these fine two people are? Well their not people at all! We just got some pets, don't worry nothing furry and four legged, but fish! Every time we go to Meijer I always have to look at the fish (which are conviently located right next to the dairy aisle) and after having a really cruddy week of school I talked Phil into letting us invest in our first pets. A whole 4 dollars later, 36 cents for the fish, 3 dollars for the bowl (actually we got a glass canister with lid from the home/kitchen aisle for cheaper than a fish bowl, about 1/2 price) , and goldfish food for 1 dollar. I am super excited about them. My fish is Kitty, she is orange and white; Douglas (Not Doug, or Dougie Boy) is Phil's fish and he is orange with a black stripe on his back. They are really cute and live on our kitchen counter next to the sink, not where food is kept. I don't think they would make a good fillet anyway...

***edit note***
Man, these pictures stink, I guess that is what you get for taking pictures at 7am, I wouldn't look good if someone took my picture then either.

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