Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something Amazing...

Okay so you probably think this is something about our life and such but it isn't. It is about a book one that I am trying to convince myself not to go to amazon and buy right now without a second look back. I think I may have died and gone to heaven...As you know, I craft and as you may know we are Star Wars fiends. We went as it for Halloween and dressed Pete up as a baby Ewok! I made our nephews Stars
Wars stuffed animals for Christmas and Pete has a Yoda hat. So yes insane about it...So the two have joined forces and created Star Wars Crafts-yes heaven in a published format! Here is the link to amazon about it for all those other lovers and crafters. It makes it even more exciting when I am finally done with school and the no-crafting ban has been lifted!

But in real life news also Phil has 10 interviews today with schools in Indiana. He had one with Warsaw today and it went really well! They are hiring both English and ESL! (The interviewer even put stars next to his name to remember him!) But really who wouldn't want Phil???? I know I sure love him and want him around all the time!

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Jami said...

That book looks way fun! :D That's exciting about the one in Warsaw! :D You guys wouldn't bee too far away now :D... Where are some of the other schools that he's interviewing with?