Monday, May 2, 2011

Funeral, Birthday and Easter

Well it has been quite some time since I last updated about much. Lets begin with a funeral. Phil's grandmother passed away about two weeks ago, his siblings and dad chipped in to get him out to Utah for the funeral so I dropped him off in Indy on a Wednesday evening and Pete and I headed up to Warsaw to get some schoolwork done and not be lonely. Phil spent some time with his family and came home on Friday evening. Aunt Kate brought him up to Warsaw when she came up for Easter. (handy huhh?) We had a birthday party for our nephew Ben, who turned two. We got him a giant green ball, which Pete was quite sad to see leave the house. Pete decided he needed to make sure it was a quality gift for Ben so he chased it around the house occasionally just to make sure it was in top shape for his cousin. I made Phil's grandma's rolls for Easter dinner with the family and I thought it was quite fitting. Pete participated in his first Easter Egg Hunt with Lucy; while Ben and Ally had a much harder and drawn out one. Phil left in on Sunday evening while I stayed with my parents to finish up classes that were due May 2.

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