Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Hunt is Afoot...

Phil has been looking for jobs for the last couple weeks, as I mentioned earlier he had 10 interviews in one day. He has an interview everyday this week so far he has gone from Mishawaka to Lanesville to Connersville to Muncie and will end in Knightstown. We have heard from 2 schools that do not want Phil (their loss, not ours) we were pretty sad about one of the jobs because it was one we had really wanted and felt good about, he was the second choice of the candidates. We still have more jobs to apply to and backup plans if we need them. We still have a couple schools that we are really interested in that still haven't gotten back with us for an interview, but that job has only been posted for a week so it isn't a bad sign yet.

We just hope that Phil gets a job that he likes and will be one that we will feel comfortable with.

Right now I am working on my brother-in-laws high school graduation announcements. I love doing these types of projects, as you can tell by the new blog design. I like to use gimp for the grunt work and then do the finishing touches with the free unregistered version of picnik. I think they are coming out nicely.

Pete is getting more teeth (finally). He has 1 that has cut all the way through 1 more that is just poking out and 2 more that you can really see, but haven't quite yet made it through. He has been a snotty, stinky mess lately. I hope he gets them all in at once and is done for awhile.

The pictures are from Easter. I just got the copies from Dad so I haven't had a chance to go through them yet, but I couldn't help but posting the one of Pete in the daffodils.


BJC said...

Are those matching, home-made jellybean ties? That is entering the realm of indescribably cool... hahaha

Jami said...

I want to know so badly where he's been thought of!!! :D Peter is so cute, I love his little smile. Liam is working on tooth #4... the top 2 have been the hardest so far... sigh... poor things... love the new back ground too!