Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Finally I can return to my crafts! I decided in January that I was not allowed to do anymore crafts until I graduated or finished ALL of my classes. Well that happened a couple weeks ago so I am cleared for crafting! For graduation I received a sewing machine from my parents, and not just any sewing machine, but an amazing machine! I now am using a Janome 3160QDC and I love it! My old machine was a Christmas present from middle school from my Grandma Horn. I outgrew it this year and it just couldn't handle some of the projects that I attempted very well and Phil commonly called it my machine gun sewing machine. It is a nice one, basic but it does what it needs to, just needs a bit of elbow grease and motivation sometimes. So far now that the ban has been lifted on the crafts I have made pillow cases for our bed, diaper changing pad for Pete, a skirt for Stake Conference, plus a pair of shorts for Phil. It has been a busy little machine but holds up against the work, and always looks nice.

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Jami said...

I've gotten my hair cut short a few times... I always run into the problem that when I get the layers added in those are too short to make it into a pony, so I have to use bobby pins too, all in all it's more hassle than the pleasure... but when it gets to the perfect length that it all fits I LOVE it :D... I say go for it! I think you'll look great! just make sure the stylist doesn't get crazy :D